Integrative Wellness Facilitator, CODE Model Coach ™, Nia® Instructor, Traditional Healer

Experience yourself and your world differently.

My life coaching sessions and group workshops reveal to you the restrictions you have unknowingly placed on yourself. You experience a process to transform your life, where you learn to heal yourself. Let me show you the tools and opportunities for you to experience an advanced model of wellness. 

My unique blend of skills and talents actively engages you and intuitively engages your subconscious to help you gain clarity into the underlying patterns affecting your life. Topics like relationships, work, health and wellness, your life’s journey, and whatever else might present in our conversation.

The only goal of an Engaging Wellness experience is to awaken you to a deeper connection to yourself; body, mind and spirit. This will inspire you to explore new possibilities and choices, helping you to create new opportunities in your life.

At the center of every conversation, every blog, every workshop, is the category that matters most - the evolving self. 

My coaching centers around the relationship that you have with yourself, since it is at the core of how you create and experience your world. Growth and change is an imperative for life, yet stagnation in the form of habituation often creeps in.

Where are you holding yourself to old patterns and stopping the flow of  your life? 

Explore some of the categories below to see what a coaching session with me might hold for you. An Engaging Wellness session is by no means limited to just these categories, however they are great starting points for creating change.