So this is the part where I am supposed to tell you all about me, so that you feel you know me, we bond, and you imagine our sessions will resemble something out of a feel-good commercial where we’re dancing under a rainbow... STOP.

Just so you know, nothing is going to really change if that is the perception that you hold about coaching.

If you want your life to change you have to be willing to be a little uncomfortable, to feel a little twitchy, maybe let a few tears flow, sweat a little, and do whatever you need to do to shift the pattern you have been holding.

Life is not always neat and tidy, so why would you expect your healing to be?

I am happy to sit with you as you explore the shadowy corners of your world, and what you think still lurks in there and is holding you back. Let me give you a hint, most of it is distorted like campfire stories courtesy of your intellect. And yet some of it is horrifyingly real, the crazy things that people do to other human beings never ceases to amaze me. Now that doesn’t mean that every session with me is all blood, sweat and tears. Not by a long shot. We’ll also have a lot of good laughter and some ‘holy shit’ epiphany moments. I create space for you to land gently, potently, and with great ease. Whatever presents in your session know that you are not alone. You are safe and supported.

I have had clients experience everything along a spectrum, from simple aha moments, to rewiring their body from deep trauma and no longer being a hostage to it. Nothing gives me more joy than seeing you release yourself from constraining beliefs, no matter what the intensity or where they reside. 

So I guess here is the about me section some of you have been waiting for. I am many things to many people, mother, friend, healer, coach, super-empath, shit-disturber,… I was raised in your average middle class family, with a formal belief system and all the rules and expectations that accompany that. In my early life I went to school, then on to practice in research-based healthcare and education in a large teaching hospital and in the community. And I was good at it. That was simply what I knew at the time.

Then life got really interesting. You know how they say kids change your life? In 1994 I decided to have a baby, but after the health crisis initiated by the birth of my daughter I began to explore many alternative views of wellness. Two years after that I began an experiential journey of learning - an apprenticeship into Traditional Native Healing Practices that completely shifted my worldview and my paradigm of reality.

At this point I left my nursing career behind. Not because everything I had learned was wrong, but rather because it was incomplete. I am happy to say that I have never looked back.

From that initial jumping point over two decades ago I have taken many side-trips; programs and experiences which have allowed me to continuously build on my knowledge and experience in healing modalities. What I have learned and experienced I have distilled to fit my evolving models of healing and wellness. And the texture of my life has never been richer. I intend to continue exploring, learning and sharing until I am an old lady; because personal evolution, growth and transformation never gets old for me.

My elevator pitch is that I am an Integrative Wellness Facilitator. I work with men and women, individually and in groups. I specialize in integrating Western and Indigenous knowledge from a quantum perspective to create a transformative process that awakens the individual to limitless choices. I do it by reconnecting them to their most powerful resource- themselves. Engaging Wellness reflects some of the breadth and scope of my interests and abilities.

I find joy in helping others release themselves from their perceived limitations, allowing them to live their lives with more freedom.

That’s about it for me. Browse the blog if you are still curious; and better yet, if you have questions please feel welcome to call or drop me a line.