We often treat the body as a by-product of existence like it is just along for the ride, and yet it is the vehicle through which we manifest into and experience this reality. You can’t be here without a body! And after 20+ years of inquiry I can strongly affirm that all healing is grounded through the energy of the body. Your body is one of your most powerful allies in reclaiming wellness, and creating a life full of rich texture and meaning.

Think of your body as an amazing quantum device, capable of processing trillions of bits of information at any one time. Its natural tendency is to always strive for homeostasis or balance. Yet we create so many barriers in its environment with our beliefs that we keep it out of balance.

We are all intuitive beings who experience feelings in our bodies, but we often choke back our natural instincts. How do your thoughts hold you hostage and keep you feeling separate from your body? How does your busy mind stop you from occupying fully this amazing space of presence and sensation?

Are you looking to make friends with your body, to be aware of and access the sensations and opportunities for growth your body is sharing? Are you looking to come back home to yourself and live at ease in your body?

As you have probably read one of the things that sets me apart from other life coaches is that I access and use the intelligence of the body through many modalities. When you include the body it your healing process change happens because you literally rewire yourself, you change habituated neural pathways.

We can explore everything from how to be in the body fully, to creating body peace, to finding joy through movement, or even creating a sense of safety in the body. Whatever shows up is what your body has been trying to tell you.