Recycling old, tired strategies is out. Engaging in a transformative process is in. 

Other life coaching experiences often employ predefined strategies, techniques, practices, and processes that many times only address the intellect. For that reason every Engaging Wellness coaching session also incorporates a variety of somatic experiences, which access the intelligence and natural healing energies of your body. My coaching facilitates a process where you get to experience an advanced model of wellness and you learn to heal yourself. 

The coaching session I facilitate for you is an intimately personal experience with no prescriptives. The foundation for your CODE Model Coaching™ session is research based, yet the magic of these sessions is that they have no constraining contexts or beliefs with which to box you in or slow you down.

Throughout your sessions we actively engage in a process that exposes and releases any limiting perceptions you have placed on yourself and your life. We all have stories that we have internalized; by testing them we free you from the illusion of their limitations, so you can gain the clarity and freedom of the many choices available to you.  You get to experience yourself and your world differently. You can change your life right now.

I facilitate your sessions through conversation, movement, energy work, creativity, guided visualizations, and silence. In a coaching session anything is possible, we explore whatever the language of transformation that presents. I use the resources of the WEL-Systems® body of knowledge to compliment my vast personal library of healing modalities, knowledge, and experiences accumulated through 20+ years of active exploration.