I believe that we are all highly creative individuals with a thirst for exploration and self-expression that is essential in promoting wellness in life. Yet over and over again I meet people who believe they are not, who label themselves as non-creative, who even hide their curiosity.

For many people creativity has been stifled at a very early age through the judgment, the expectations and the perspectives of another. The sad part is that even though we are no longer children we have internalized those narratives created by others so that we think they are our own voice, which often show up as self-criticism and patterns of self-sabotage to stop us from feeling vulnerable in the possibility of ‘failing’ in our creativity.

I hold that there are no failures, just experiences. When you create from a deeply rooted place within yourself as an expression of you, the polarity of right and wrong disappears.  Yet how often do you silence your voice, do you hold back in your expressive spaces rather than risk-take by presenting novel ideas? We wonder why there is so much ‘burn-out’, most folks have not even lit the flame let alone let it breathe!

Everyone can benefit from exploring the perceived barriers to in creativity in their personal life, their creative life, and their workplace. Let me show you how to burn the box you have been living in and live creating outside of it.