When you start talking about a healthy relationship with food I find most people tense up and panic. You can literally see them start flinching as they drop into self-judgment and experience feelings of shame, guilt, deprivation, and fear to name a few. How can something that is supposed to engage our senses and bring pleasure to our lives create such polarized reactions and stress?

I love food and all topics food related. A trip to the farmer’s market is like a holy pilgrimage to me. I am happy to engage with someone who wants to learn to eat healthier, who needs to wade though all the current food trends, or who wants food to stop being the enemy... I am just as happy to sit with you and look at the underlying causes of why you may zone out, detach, and isolate with food as strategies to give the illusion of comfort, security, and love.

Food and everything it represents in life is also a powerful catalyst for greater healing. I love that food and the consumption of it is such an amazing representation of how we hold other things in our lives like relationships, creativity, self-image, safety,…

I am always fascinated as I watch people in their kitchens, making food, talking about food, longing for food, and the wide open view it gives me into their beliefs about themselves and their world. There is a palpable energy around most people’s dynamics around food and what it subconsciously represents. It is fundamental to our survival, and yet where have we lost the dialogue, the knowing that is it also essential to our thriving.

If life is a buffet, what old beliefs stop you from enjoying it? What old narratives restrict your experience of living more fully?