Health & Wellness

Despite all my years as a nurse and educator, for me there are no longer any absolutes. Yes disease does happen. Now consider it as your personal expression in that moment in time, it is only a snapshot. Yet where do folks default to defining entire decades by a diagnosis? Where do people stay stagnant, boxed in by old beliefs and past experiences?

Now I am not saying that the current model of health is completely wrong, it is just incomplete. There is so much changing in our awareness of the world. The conversations have evolved, we are no longer just looking at biochemical processes, we have moved straight through to include dialogue in quantum physics, epigenetics, psychoneuroimmunology, neuroplasticity, energy psychology, and so much more. The body’s higher intelligence, our actual life energy is just now being explored in science. There is a ton of new information out there, how do you sift through it? Let me distill the information for you and teach you a process to experience an advanced model of wellness.  Learn how to change yourself and your experience by shifting your internal dialogue. The old rules no longer apply, nothing is written in stone.

Whether you are looking to create a larger model of wellness for yourself or you are a health care practitioner looking to expand their dialogue, lets see if we can expand the conversation and help you access your most precious to health resource- yourself.