Life Transitions

Many people already envision what their life is going to look like, they have a ‘life plan’, a ‘5 year plan’, or milestones they wish to achieve by a certain age. I see so many people living in the future instead of experiencing the rich opportunities that are in front of them right now. I hold the motto that if you live in the meaningful moment of now, life tends to take care of itself.

Do you hold a story, a script, labels that define your life? How much do you vary from it? Are you on a steady clear path? How often does something happen that challenges your vision?

Change is the only true constant in a life lived. Yet how do we create even more stress and chaos for ourselves by bracing against the natural phenomenon of change?

There are moments in your life that are massive opportunities for change and growth if you are willing. You can feel these moments in you body as discomfort, but you often identify and label them as the loss of something tangible, rather than the loss of old habituated patterns. You don’t have to be struggling with yourself trying to avoid the process of change, that just creates such a level of pain, and it is self-inflicted. You can live with ease. That doesn’t mean shit won’t happen…it means you won’t be doing battle with yourself and are able to respond with ease. You have vast reservoirs of strength, wisdom and resiliency, but if you don’t admit the truth of what you are experiencing to yourself nothing changes.

You can choose to start creating mindfully in the now, and to be continuously transitioning into something new. Let me show you that life wasn’t mean to be lived in stagnation, but in flow.