I enjoy facilitating dialogues in conscious parenting with current parents and those considering the jump. Children come out knowing who they are, and yet from a very young age they are constantly barraged by the beliefs and expectations of another. It is not necessary to mold, train, and refine children. What if parenting was just about providing a safe and supportive environment where the child evolves as themselves? What if they are fully formed and you are just along for the journey? What if your children were here to challenge you and mirror back opportunities for your own healing?

I can see some of you cringing internally with the words “but, what about…” ready to fall from your lips. It is not a betrayal of our parents or our communities to challenge the perceptual filters through which we nurture the next generation. We need this natural evolution of change for us to thrive as a society. Yet how subtle are the traditions and the echoes of the past that influence our current thinking?

By parenting in the present you not only change your world, but you don’t shut down your kid’s joy and thriving as themselves.