Some of our greatest moments of isolation occur in the presence of another. Consider where you are both consciously and unconsciously holding back from giving people the opportunity to know the real you, your authentic self. 

Ask yourself where you have engaged in acting out a well thought out script, an expectation of ‘how it should look’, rather than just showing up as yourself in that moment. Consider where you abandon, betray, or even sabotage yourself to accommodate the expectations of another, to calibrate for their comfort, to support their view to maintain the status quo. And yet that is what is likely causing you to feel emptiness, confusion, frustration, and even anger. Life is messy and unpredictable, to live it fully you need to show up with presence and feeling, and that includes vulnerability.

At the core of every relationship issue is the wellness of your relationship with yourself. It is always about the beliefs you hold about yourself and the rules you may have unknowingly internalized about relationships. Come back to yourself and navigate all the opportunities for self-discovery and self-celebration and know that from there you can change anything in your life.

Romantic, family, work, all relationships are formed on the foundation of the most important relationship in your life, the one with yourself.