"I face my truth when we talk." - Heather H, Ontario

"For me the experience of engaging with Stéphanie is effortless and brilliant in its simplicity and organic unfolding. I trust in her willingness to be truly present and to see the connectedness within an experience. And I deeply value her depth of knowledge and ability to weave guidance and healing practices from many sources and tools." - Melissa O, Ontario

"Stéphanie through non-judgmental listening, respect, and by simply and yet profoundly being present as I articulate my struggle, has assisted me in the re-connecting and the re-member-ing of my path, my journey, and how to let go of what I no longer need." - Margaret M, Ontario

"When facilitating her workshops, Stéphanie excels in accurately assessing the needs of the participants in her groups while assisting them to discover what they could not see in themselves." - Diane Hill, Integrative Program Consultant, Six Nations Of The Grand River Territory, Ontario

"Stephanie has an incredible intuitive sense and an ability to support individuals in their body-mind and soul balance. She carries deep knowledge of the body and ancient wisdom. Her coaching encourages you to deal with those aspects you have been long avoiding in a safe and nurturing space. A deep thank you for all that you have offered in our sessions together." - Nancy Hanlon, Hawai

"Insightful, intuitive, and inspirational are the first three words that come to mind when I think of my sessions with Stéphanie. I went to Stéphanie with no expectations and walked away after the first meeting feeling amazed at how she had cut right through my waffle with a single perceptive phrase and a single question. I appreciated Stéphanie's free form approach, leaving the conversation to flow wherever it went and create a warm intimate, safe place that enabled me to open up to myself and explore my own awareness. I always felt frustrated with traditional therapists, with their clock watching and and their process-driven formulaic approach. With Stéphanie I never knew what would surface next or where my preconceived ideas about how to live my life would be challenged." - Christopher, Ontario

"The element that comes to mind when I think of you is Earth; interaction with you and your healing modalities are grounding, loving, compassionate, healing.  You act as a guiding light to unfold those spaces within ourselves that promote healing and growth.  Although you may have to go by the side door to help us unlock those places, you as a person feel direct and no-nonsense. You are effective and practical. You meet us where we're at and help guide us with warmth and direction." - Melanie Terrio, Ontario

"It was time to come to terms with the experience of trauma and letting go...I was then referred to Stéphanie. Words cannot express all that I experienced but I can say this...I can now recognize the NEED to BREATHE through it all, which brought me to the actual feeling of the transformation taking place. A genuine and natural connection of being in the now...the present. I am giving thanks daily for our divine one on one's that have granted me the opportunity to explore and move forward in my life's journey. Thank you...." - Tammy P, Ontario

"Stephanie rescued me from the depths of confusion and guided me back to myself. She helped me know the possibilities of all I could be, by being ME. I am enough, I am the perfect person to live My Life." - Camilla D, Nova Scotia

"Stephanie's use of her intuition is remarkable. She knows how to bring out the truth in a person in a safe, encouraging and empathetic way." - Amanda R, Ontario

"Stephanie, your intuitiveness with energy is like no other I've ever experienced. You were able to pick up things within me that were imperceptible to anyone else. The way you worked it through with me allowed me to feel safe while shifts took place. From the word go I knew I could trust you and your experience. Thank you for sharing your gifts with me." - Eileen M, ON

"Stephanie is a kind and compassionate woman who can help you through those times in life you think nothing could be worse-be it financial hardships or relationships. You are not alone and Stephanie uses her talents and gifts for healing and awakening to help you pick yourself up and keep living and not just surviving" - Chloe George, Iqaluit